Screen_shot_2010-03-24_at_11.54.43_AM.png has leaked some images of the iBookstore and found that Apple is matching Amazon's $9.99 e-book prices on some bestsellers, although they're as much as four dollars more then Kindle prices on some other books.

In other news, it looks like Borders will finally get an e-reading device later this year in the Kobo e-reader, which looks like a pretty straightforward $150 e-ink reader. But will it come in time to save the company? Borders has a huge loan deadline approaching on April 1st that could have drastic effects on the company's future.

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And in still other news, this media futurist's prediction that the e-book tipping point will come in 18 months is an interesting read:

A multi-channel, loosely controlled digital distribution network with free or low-priced content was the dominant vision of the future. Publishers will make money by up-selling content and services, and by higher market penetration. Consumer data and peer-to-peer recommendations will become an important part of this new, non-linear value chain...Leonhard, whose background is music, urged publishers to avoid pursuing Digital Rights Management. "You can't prevent sharing, you have to find ways to monetise it. The idea of preventing it is understandable but it's not realistic."