It occurred to me last night that I hadn't seen 'Mo Magazine for a long, long time. If there was a hoopla about its big gay funeral, I missed it. Sorry. The 'Mo website now says, "The publishers of this magazine have suspended publication for the foreseeable future. Sorry for any inconvenience." Apparently it went down last summer, according to a Facebook page. RIP, you sweet gay dear.

Private to anyone starting another gay publication: Stop publishing banal pablum that portrays Seattle as a city of steak houses and dentists. You're not competing with in-flight magazines. Have a spine, an opinion. Scrap like mad for gay interests and make gay people accountable for stupid fuck-ups (LGBT Center, Queerfest, a "safe-sex" talk set to bareback porn in a bath house, etc.). Take gay and straight elected leaders to task—like Council Member Sally Clark who sponsored a noise ordinance that jeopardizes gay dance clubs—and, as they say, give us the old Razzle Dazzle.