Tech President reports on a pretty savvy and interesting use of technology by the White House this week.

Not surprisingly, soon after Obama signed the health care bill into law, people began searching online for details about the new laws, many specifically searching with the phrase, "What's in the Health Care Bill?" Also not surprisingly, that search turned up lots of news stories and other analysis, and plenty of loud criticism. What's a wired White House to do?

And so, the White House swooped into action. At about 4:30 in the afternoon, a post went up on the White House blog titled the exact same phrase as that top Google search term — "What's in the Health Care Bill?"

A simple move, perhaps, but also rather brilliant. The White House's blog post drove to the top of Google search results. Same with Yahoo.

Smart. A very cheap, very fast way to get your spin to the top of the pile. And while the cable news cacophony will come and go in a matter of hours or days, their Google rank will last a lot longer.