Cait Williss Strawberry Derby, 2009
  • Cait Willis's Strawberry Derby, 2009
Ghost Gallery, a moveable feast since 2006—staging art and music events at Pretty Parlor, Neumos, the Crocodile, and other spots—now is getting a home on Capitol Hill, in the room-behind-the-wooden-fence where Crawl Space once was. (Single tear still falling every time I say "Crawl Space.")

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But there is new life!: The opening is April 8, 5 to 8 pm, and the first show is a survey of more than 20 artists: Cait Willis, Natalia Czajkiewicz, Shea Shochat, Irene Wood, Counsel Langley, Jen May, Devon Kelley-Yurdin, Adriana Phillips, Nathan Lambdin, Kevin Russell, Kathleen Houseman, Corey Urlacher, Rosemary Wagner, Julie Luke, Hayley Young, Kim McCarthy (SOULE), Rachel Bury, Kelly O, Mindy Huffman, Aaron Huffman, Kelly Clark, Kristen Blush, Robin Marsh, Michelle Smith-Lewis, Brad Strain, Jeane Myers, Lauren Max, Letha Myers, and more.*

*I shamelessly bolded the artists who happen to work for or be associated with The Stranger.