Keeping Ballard Friendly: My Ballard reports that due to criticism, the "Keeping Ballard Friendly" campaign—a neighborhood activist's attempt to encourage people to "report unsafe behavior"—has been refined “to be less homeless specific.”

Eye-Candy: Despite the business's previous vow to remain clothed, Barista Boyz of Broadway celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, featuring shirtless male baristas. Sweet Jesus. This trend will continue—shirtless men serving coffee—every day after 3:30 p.m., when the school across the street closes.

Buy the House Where Every Day is Humpday: Phinney Ridge house used in last year’s indie hit film Humpday is for sale; bromance and awkward sexual adventures ensue upon purchase.

Crime Twins: Pioneer Square has the same major crime statistics as Fremont and Wallingford, reports The New Pioneer Square.

No More Swimmin’ Hole: Vacant lot known as the “Ballard Swimming Hole” and “Ballard’s Green Lake” on the northeast corner of 28th Avenue and Market Street will be drained and paved over, reports My Ballard.

Guns, No Glory: A 16-year-old male who was found last week with a stolen semi-automatic handgun after a shooting outside of the nightclub Club Diamond, was charged yesterday, reports the Queen Anne View.

Beacon Idol: Think you got what it takes to be Beacon Hill’s next idol (really)? Bands and individual performers can audition for Beacon Idol at the ROCKiT Space (3315 Beacon Avenue South) on these Saturdays: March 27, April 24, and May 29.

Capitol Hill Crime Watch: Tonight’s monthly community crime meeting is an opportunity to raise safety issues in the East Precinct neighborhoods. The meeting will be held from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Seattle Vocational Institute, Room 401 (2120 S. Jackson Street).

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Golf Just Got a Million Times Better, Kind Of: Interbay Driving Range back open after a $1 million renovation.

Roaming Coyotes: West Seattle Blog has the latest on multiple coyote sightings by the West Seattle Bridge.

Checkmate, Motherfucker: Man assaulted by chess board in Cal Anderson Park, reports Capitol Hill Seattle blog.

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Get Out and Grow Something: Two large medians along Gilman Drive and 13th Avenue are becoming 20-plot community-built urban gardens, the Queen Anne View reports. Work parties begin this weekend; volunteer if you want a shot at claiming your own patch of garden.

God Save the Queen Anne: New Block Watch is created after a violent mugging last month; the first meeting is April 8.

Taxes Are a Bummer: But My Ballard reports that there is tax help available at the Ballard library now through April 15.