I published my opinion on author Christopher Moore yesterday on Slog, but he's an author with a rabid fanbase that includes my intern, J.T. Oldfield. She went to the Christopher Moore reading last night at University Book Store. Here's what she had to say about it:

Last night Christopher Moore read as part of his two-night Seattle engagement. He’ll read at Third Place Books tonight at 7 PM. You should go only if you are really really into Moore. The same goes for his newest book, Bite Me. As Moore said last night, he’s “committed a trilogy,” concluding the story he began in Blood Sucking Fiends and You Suck. Moore also said, rather too glibly, that he had to wait for this one “till [it got to the point that] you guys will just buy anything.” How true it is.

It's as if Moore isn’t even trying in Bite Me. Aside from a few laugh-out-loud funny moments, most of the book is derivative of his old shtick. The quirks of main character Abbey Normal by now seem so familiar that I wanted to wring her scrawny Goth-chick neck.

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Apparently, Moore never reads from his books at “readings." He did what amounted to a little stand-up and then answered questions. Just about everything he said garnered boisterous (if maybe sycophantic) laughter.

If you are, like me, a serious fan of Christopher Moore, I probably can't dissuade you from reading Bite Me. If you are fairly new to Moore, you should wait until his next book (he announced that he’s just finished writing a graphic novel—to which I can only say “squee!”) or just go pick up Lamb instead.