And to protect those souls who haven't yet caught up, all spoiler-filled discussion will come after the jump.

To quote the mighty Ru, "The library is OPEN!"


No! NO! Jessica Wild! Coke-a-dordle-DON'T!!!!

Still, fair enough. She's a clearly wonderful person, but in the competition, she's kinda been sliding by on charming awfulness (see her "RuPaul impersonation"). Nevertheless, she will be seriously missed.

As for the rest of the episode: I love love love the lacing of gay issues through the contestants' mid-challenge conversations (gay marriage! mind-warping childhood homophobia!) and look forward to this gay-mentoring vibe being carried out in next week's "drag up your forefathers!" challenge.

Also, as I learned from the "throwing shade" mini-challenge, I could spend several hours a day watching drag queens take turns insulting each other.

Also also, I'm totally rooting for Jujubee. (Though her habit of freezing during a performance in a way that surprises even herself could be a Drag Race deal breaker.)

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Let us close with a final farewell to Jessica:

"The....oooooh!" indeed.