Vancouver Sun:

People fell onto a bag of cash like a pack of hungry piranhas after more than $100,000 U.S. tumbled out the back of an armoured truck onto an Ohio street, local media reported.

The bag split open after it fell off the back of the vehicle Wednesday and the driver drove away without noticing.

But a whole bunch of people spotted the cash blowing down the street in Whitehall, a Columbus suburb, and a mad dash for cash ensued.

"People were jumping out of their vehicles," one witness told NBC4 news.

"Like when you throw some fish in and you've got a school of piranhas and they haven't eaten for a long time....

That vision of paradise (money in the air) recalls this Italian one:
When wine started flowing through taps in dozens of homes during an Italian grape festival it was hailed as a miracle but now it has emerged it was more bad plumbing than religion.
Money in the air—an American vision of paradise; wine in the taps—an Italian vision of paradise.