HEEEEYYYY, wasssssshappennning, maaaaan?
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  • HEEEEYYYY, wasssssshappennning, maaaaan?

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Last Sunday night, the original Red Robin near the University Bridge poured its last beer and served its last burger. The Seattle institution started as a tavern more than 40 years ago, with peanut shells on the floor and a very stoned red robin holding a joint on the sign. By some miracle, this sign still hung in the entryway—Red Robin is now a 400-plus-outlet, family-friendly chain with Denver management that presumably does not endorse marijuana use, even by drawings of birds. [Red Robin corporate has yet to return a call inquiring after the fate of the stoned-bird sign.] A long-haired old-timer who'd come to pay his last respects pointed it out: "It's definitely a joint," he said. All the family-friendly people waiting for a table (a wait of up to an hour) were amused.