Two Unsolved Murders from the 1970s: "Seattle cold-case detectives are investigating whether a convicted killer in California is connected to the slayings here of two teens years ago."

Dave Reichert Hospitalized: "After an evaluation, doctors performed a procedure to treat a subdural hematoma — a collection of blood on the surface of the brain — that was likely the result of a minor head injury." He missed yesterday's reconciliation vote, but he is an opponent of health insurance reform and went out of his way to mention that he would still have voted against it.

The Reconciliation Bill Passed Anyway: Health care reform is a done deal. Congress heads home.

"I have been directly threatened. A bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office." That's Republican Eric Cantor of the House of Representatives, who blames Dems for stoking anti-Republican violence. But local police insist it was "an act of random gunfire."

Support for Congressional Republicans: Just sank 7 points.

Finally, Something to Help Struggling Homeowners: "The Obama administration on Friday will announce broad new initiatives to help troubled homeowners, potentially refinancing several million of them into fresh government-backed mortgages with lower payments."

Heading to the Supreme Court: Washington State explains its position in the Ref-71 lawsuit.

The Pope Knew: "The future Pope Benedict XVI was kept more closely apprised of a sexual abuse case in Germany than previous church statements have suggested."

We'll Put Away Ours If You Put Away Yours: "President Obama finalized a new arms control treaty with Russia on Friday that will pare back the still-formidable cold war nuclear arsenals of each country."

It Was Raining Sideways at the Sounders Match Last Night: But we won like crazy.