1) Here is an interview with a sociologist who claims that World of Warcraft can predict the future, replaces religion, and becomes a kind of afterlife.

Maybe we will move to a time when we no longer make a distinction between belief and the suspension of disbelief. The difference between faith and fantasy might not have been very distinct in ancient times, and it's possible that we will move towards a time when instead of religion, people's hopes can be expressed in something that's acknowledged to be a fantasy but also, on some level, sort of real. WoW might exemplify that kind of post-religious future.

2) Here is a story by a man who believes he is cheating on his Kindle when he reads a physical book (or "p-book" as e-book enthusiasts have taken to calling them.)

I recently started reading Garry Disher’s latest crime thriller Wyatt (it’s a cracker, by the way) in paperback and it felt like I was cheating on my main squeeze. I was surprised at the pang of guilt that I felt when I grabbed it off the bedside table and cracked it open. It was almost shame — so much so that I even hid my Kindle away in the cupboard (under the guise of “tidying up”).