Meggers is moving across the country, so she asked Questionland for some help:

I have a small studio apartment of stuff that I need to move across the country. My car is too small to pull a trailer. Preliminary inquiries into renting a truck & pulling my car or hiring a you-pack-we-move service have resulted in quotes of about $1000. At that rate I might as well sell everything here and purchase used stuff in the new city. Isn't there a better option? Help!

Turns out fellow Questionlander, whiskeypony, has done this trek many times and had a bunch of helpful advice:

When you specify that you'd like to load and retrieve your things from the depot instead of in front of your apartment building, the cost is decreased dramatically.

I've moved across the country multiple times, though, and every other time I've sold my furniture and shipped everything I need through the mail. Big boxes shipped through non-media mail is not as expensive as you think - around $50 for a 3' square box. By selling everything else you get this great feeling of being unhindered by stuff, and you also get a bunch of dollars in your pocket for the move!

You can read whiskeypony's whole response here. And Meggers was so thankful for the advice she granted a mushroom as thanks—and now they're both this week's Answer of the Week winners! Thanks to whiskeypony's helpful advice, both Meggers and whiskeypony will receive a $25 gift card to Pagliacci Pizza.