According to a police report, on March 19, an officer patrolling the 300 block of Battery Street was contacted by a business owner who said that a man had called to inform her that he was assaulted the previous morning (March 18) in front of her building. The owner, who was also concerned about people sleeping in front of her business and crime in general, relayed the alleged assault victim's name and cell phone number to the officer, saying the victim had contacted Seattle Police Department but was unsure if a record of his assault had been taken.

The officer called the man and left a message after not finding a SPD record. On Monday, March 22, the officer received a call back from the alleged victim, who gave this account of events:

On March 18, at 2 a.m., he was walking back to his car on 300 block of Western Avenue after visiting friends on Capitol Hill. The report states that he was approached by a group of five or six "street people." The group was composed of both "whites and blacks." One of them asked for his jacket. "Although he didn't feel that the request was intimidating or a threat of violence if he didn't give them his jacket," with apparent Jesus-like goodwill (or maybe 2 a.m. liquid generosity), "he did give them his jacket and then walked away towards the street corner."

According to the report, as the man neared the corner, the suspects chased after him and "one of the suspects struck him in the face from behind." The victim remembers dropping to the sidewalk and “seeing stars.” By the time he got up, the suspects were gone.

According to the report, the victim wasn't carrying a wallet, cell phone, or anything else of value in his jacket at the time of his attack. He got into his car and drove home. The victim says his face was covered in bruising and lacerations which he did seek medical treatment for.