Drivin' 'n' textin': Gregoire signs new law making texting or talking on a cell phone without a headset while driving a primary offense.

But hey, maybe there's a legal brothel nearby: Up to 10,000 Tea Party activists and Sarah Palin invading Harry Reid's small Nevada hometown for rally today; town has one gas station and one McDonald's and no infrastructure to handle thousands of visitors at once.

But you get to keep the free smiles: Washington Mutual bankruptcy plan would make stock worthless to former shareholders.

Lupine Death Panels: Former director of Wolf Haven fined $10,000 for failing to euthanize terminally ill wolf.

Like Gregoire Vs. Rossi, except with the potential for violence: Allawi wins Iraq election by tiny margin, Maliki supporters claim fraud.

And you thought your landlord was bad: Vashon man gets 15 years for killing tenant who owed him $5800 and wouldn't leave.

Naval tragedy: South Korean warship explodes; 58 of 104 crew members rescued.

Who ya gonna call? Washington State Trooper being investigated for DUI and abuse of authority for calling a subordinate at 3:30 a.m. after running his car off the road.

Paging John Grisham: Man's exoneration after 16 years in prison was spurred by a reporter's story on his case; now that Western Washington University Journalism professor is having her notes from 14 years ago subpoenaed in wrongful conviction case.

Labour dispute: British Airways cabin crews on strike but most flights still operating.

Whoopsie: Harry Reid accidentally votes against health care bill. Again.

Nice work if you can get it: First male prostitute to work at a legal brothel quits after having only ten customers in two months.