And not just any fudge—a fudge mountain:

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory retail stores at 1419 1st Ave. near Pike Place and 99 Yesler Way in Pioneer Square have sculpted another of the giant fudge mountains. Each store’s creation consists of 250 pounds of fresh, chocolaty, creamy handmade fudge piled amazingly high (over 2 feet) and decorated with white chocolate “snow”, gummi bear hikers, skiers, mountain climbers, mint chocolate trees, lakes and waterfalls—a unique sight to see.

The chocolatiers at each store have created this fudge spectacle as a customer appreciation event. Starting Wednesday, March 31 the candy chefs will carve out approximate ½ pound pieces of the mountains to be given to customers with a minimum purchase. The event will continue until the mountains are gone!

God loves a fudge spectacle.