The world (the globalized masses from Shanghai to Cape Town) has paid America $2 billion dollars to watch the anti-American/anti-imperialists fairytale called Avatar:


How much has the world paid to see a pro-American/pro-redneck fairytale called The Hurt Locker? A mere $10 million. The multitude knows what it wants.

However, the multitude should support Strange Days, Bigelow's pro-conscious rap/anti-police brutality fairytale. Indeed, the best thing about The Hurt Locker is it reveals the fate of the postmodern dandy/drug dealer in Strange Days.

Who knew he would end up hunting terrorists in the desert? Indeed, the moment after he is shot, one expected to see this sequence: suddenly, dust everywhere; a black limo screeches to a stop behind the wounded dandy; the driver opens the door, and there she is—his postmodern mammy to the rescue. But that did not happen. There was no dust, no black limo. Bassett did not an make an appearance. The dandy died in the desert.