Dear Principle Brockman, Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson, & the Seattle School Board,

I am writing because Ken Hutcherson asked his blog readers to contact you regarding the KOMO news article about the mother who is furious that her daughter could have had an abortion during school hours without her knowing. I see that Fox News has also picked up the story and is encouraging outrage directed at you. I wanted you to know that not all reactions to this story are negative. I hope you're not getting much flak for it, but if you are, I want to add some balance by writing in support.

Thank you for following the law and helping this teen and other teens who need medical attention but don't want their parents to know. I was not lucky enough to grow up in a state without parental consent/notification laws, but I do know what it is like to struggle as a teenager to keep private things private, and I also know what a huge positive impact teachers and other school officials had on my life simply because they treated me as a person in my own right, and not as the property of my parents.

Thanks for all that you do,

Erika O'Connor
Seattle taxpayer