Washington, D.C. implemented a five-cent tax on plastic bags in January. The WaPo reports that plastic bag usage—in the first month—dropped by 85 percent:

In its first assessment of how the new law is working, the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue estimates that city food and grocery establishments issued about 3.3 million bags in January, which suggests a remarkable decrease. Prior to the bag tax taking effect Jan 1, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer had estimated that about 22.5 million bags were being issued per month in 2009.

We wouldn't do a stupid thing like that in Seattle, though. Seattle is smart. Seattle is where the Chemistry Council put the city's bag tax on the ballot, spent $1.4 million on education, and 53 percent of Seattle voters were duped into wise enough to see that bag taxes are baaaaaad. Seattle wouldn't want the Chemistry Council to suffer any more than it already has.

Tip from Thomas, via Wonkette.