Apple has released a bunch of tutorial videos for many features on the iPad (no embedding available, follow the link to watch) including the iBooks feature. For those who were wondering: It doesn't look like note-taking is an option on iBooks, although it does have a dictionary and search functions.

One interesting thing about these videos (and the debut Oscar iPad ad) is that the default position for handling the iPad seems to be with your feet up on a table; for Apple—which Steve Jobs went out of his way to label as the world's largest mobile computing company—they're not portrayed as very mobile. It looks like a strictly couch-only kind of device. Another interesting thing is that even the hand models can't make typing on an iPad look easy or pleasant. According to the e-mail video, the keyboard uses mobile phone tricks like auto-complete to make typing more do-able. This device will obviously live or die by the apps, and I think it'll be successful, but I'm surprised that Apple is presenting the iPad as such a passive device.