So, I know you're not Vagina Guy. If people call in to the podcast asking for help about vaginas, there are some good resources you can point them to. The best and most comprehensive as well as the most reputable is the Vagina Pagina project, It contains both allopathic and holistic methods for treatment and diagnosis, as well as a forum for asking questions. It's part blog community, part wiki, and it's a great resource for any vagina or vagina-adjacent problems that callers might have.

In specific response to BV or yeast questions—if the clinic isn't swabbing patients to actually see if there's an overgrowth of bacteria or yeast, then chances are repeated treatments are making the problem worse. You can't always diagnose things visually, and doctors are often surprisingly clueless and unreceptive to women's health issues.

Thanks for all the work you do!