A copy of the comic in which Superman made his debut was sold at a US auction for $1.5m (£995,500) - weeks after a Batman comic had fetched $1.075m.
The June 1938 edition of Action Comics No 1 was sold originally for 10 cents.
It is the third time the record has been broken recently - a copy of the same Superman comic fetched $1m just days before the Batman comic was sold.


The comic was reportedly in better shape than the copy that fetched a mere $1 million. This makes me wonder how much my mint copy of Spider HamWhat The?! No. 3 would get me. Probably at least $400,000. That almost-complete 1988 set of Fleer baseball cards has got to be worth at least $120,000 now. Oh, and that 1990 Score Bo Jackson with the shoulder pads and baseball bat (#697) is going for $3.95!