The Scotsman (by way of Bookninja) brings news that Scottish booksellers are reporting to the Office of Fair Trading for allegations of "bullying."

It's no secret that Amazon's used books come from a conglomeration of thousands of used bookstores around the world (except in states that would force Amazon to charge sales tax.*) The Scottish booksellers say that Amazon is threatening to cut them off:

But now [Amazon] has told the shops they cannot sell books cheaper anywhere else online, even on their own websites. It has issued an ultimatum saying that unless the stores sign up to a new agreement by Wednesday they risk being delisted.

Feels like Amazon's been threatening to delist everybody lately. Publishers allow Amazon to act like a baby because Amazon is the largest single distributor for many publishers. But what would happen if all the publishers demanded that Amazon chill the fuck out?

* Whoops! I confused Marketplace with Associates. Sorry about that.