A city hearing examiner has tossed out 11 of 13 complaints filed by a woman attempting to delay planning for increased density around the Beacon Hill light-rail station. As I've reported recently, the appeal was part of a coordinated multi-neighborhood effort to halt station-area planning in Southeast Seattle—for the sort of density that is part and parcel with building transit systems—because the appellants claimed the city had erred in numerous different ways. By filing the appeal in North Beacon Hill, the neighborhood activists hobbled plans by El Centro de la Raza, a social justice community center, to build low-income housing and a central plaza for the neighborhood because the city cannot restart the process until next year.

However, many of the complaints didn't hold water. A city hearing examiner recently dismissed one of the appeals for Mount Baker planning. And yesterday, the hearing examiner dismissed all but two issues raised for the North Beacon Hill appeal, stating, "the remaining issues in this appeal are all broad, conclusory allegations unsupported by any stated facts."