Late last week, the Seattle Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) board members reportedly received an email encouraging them to attend tonight's public meeting on the Seattle Center's Fun Forest site and stump for the Chihuly Museum. None of the board members returned our calls, but reliable sources say the email came from one of the board's 10 members. The email noted that almost 100 percent of the feedback for this project received by the city council has been negative; those representing tourism interests had to go make the the case for the museum at tonight's meeting.

Staff for City Council Member Tom Rasmussen's office confirmed that they've received over 80 emails and letters protesting the proposed Chihuly Museum but virtually no positive feedback for the gaudy wonder Chihuly Museum. (Our past coverage of it here.)

The SCVB board of directors include Space Needle owner and Chihuly-Museum backer Jeff Wright, Space Needle CEO Ron Sevart, Sheraton and Grand Hyatt hotel managers, and an Alaska airline director. The email reportedly underscores the fact that Seattle citizens aren't on board with this project, essentially echoing a common sentiment that the museum would claim public land for private interests.

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Chihuly Art or Ashtray?
  • Chihuly Art or Ashtray?
If you have strong feelings on turning public space into a private pay-to-play museum, you should attend this meeting to offset tourist industry representatives who adore giant glass ashtrays, and who are attempting to derail honest public process.

The meeting is tonight at 6:30 p.m. in Center House Conference Room A.