Rob McKenna—our attorney general who wants to strip new beneficiaries of the health care reform bill with his frivolous, personal-political-grandstanding lawsuit—is in terribly moronic company: Jerry Falwell Jr. and the Young Earth Creationists/Democrat-club-banning folks at Liberty University, who have also sued against the health care legislation, on the same grounds.

From the Washington Post:

The unusual lawsuit — I gather it is not common for a university to sue cabinet members — argues that Congress "lacks authority to force individuals and private employers to buy or provide health insurance," according to a statement from the Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit that litigates to advance religious freedom.

What's that old-timey adage my Southern Republican relatives are so fond of, Mr. McKenna? I think it goes something like: You are known by the company you keep.

You can call Mr. McKenna's office and let him know how you feel at: 360-753-6200.