It's The Extra Man:

The Extra Man stars Paul Dano (There Will be Blood [AND, more importantly, Lifetime's Too Young to Be a Dad, in which Dano plays Matt, a teenager who is too young to be a dad]) as the ever-so-proper Louis Ives, a lonely dreamer who imagines himself the protagonist of a modern F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. He moves to Manhattan to pursue a writing career and rents a room in the tiny Manhattan apartment of playwright Henry Harrison, a wildly eccentric social entrepreneur (Kevin Kline) who happens to work evenings as an “extra man”—an escort for wealthy widows. The unexpected bond of the two men creates the hilarious heart of the film; its pathos comes from their realization that within the other’s idealistic fantasy persona lurks their own litany of insecurities.

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Also appearing are Katie Holmes as Louis’ sweet co-worker and unrequited love interest (and whose wardrobe Louis secretly desires…), and John C. Reilly as Henry's mysterious (and very hairy) downstairs neighbor. The Extra Man is a magical, multi-dimensional comedy—sophisticated, elegant, goofy, and ultimately satisfying.

The Opening Night Gala will take place Thursday, May 20 at Benaroya Hall (fancy!). Maybe Kevin Kline will be there and ultimately satisfy you in person.