Jen Graves recommends, with caveats:

When someone's squarely in the right, and they're the underdog, you hope they go beyond merely winning the argument—you want them to fucking demolish the other guy. This wicked satisfaction is absent from The Art of the Steala rich and cluttered manifesto of a movie that's nevertheless worth watching because it is about the labyrinthine, controversial relocation of one of America's most awesome art destinations (you see the problem right in the sentence: relocating a place is impossible).

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The Barnes Foundation has 181 Renoirs, 69 Cézannes, 7 van Goghs, 6 Seurats, 46 Picassos, and 59 Matisses (including the landmark The Joy of Life), all of which have been tucked into a villa on Latch's Lane in the residential town of Merion, Pennsylvania, since 1924—virtually untouched, arranged just the way Albert Coombs Barnes wanted them.

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