Alaska's Safe For Now: The Obama administration will propose allowing offshore drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

More Suicide Bombers: 12 are dead and over 20 were injured after Russia was hit by two more suicide bombers. One was impersonating a police officer.

Uhhhh, That's Dumb: "A high-ranking Army general won't be fired or formally reprimanded after urging troops to lobby against the repeal of a ban on openly gay military service."

Jumping: A man jumped from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, somehow getting over the spiked, 10-foot tall security fence.

Falling: A tourist died after falling into the crater of an active volcano on Bali.

Shooting: A drive-by shooter killed four and injured five after opening fire on a group of people in DC.

Missing: A US Navy plane crashed into the Arabian Sea—one crew member is still missing.

Seat Saver: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who suffered defeat in the state's Republican gubernatorial primary earlier this year, is expected to announce that she will not resign her Senate seat.

Can You Hear Me Now: AT&T is scrambling to fix their network.

Strike! Strike!: Garbage workers threaten to strike—more than one million residents in King and Snohomish Counties could be without garbage service as soon as tomorrow morning.

Say Cheese: Beecher's plans to open a new store in Manhattan.

Sigh: Another Twilight book is in the works.

Just Like Tiger Woods: Jesse James has entered rehab the same day his fifth mistress threatened to come forward.

Here's something to make you smarter—a scientist tells us about the world's first scientifically confirmed poisonous bird!