RIP, Cayenne. RIP, what, you say? From May of 2008:

There is no write-in option for the question "How did you like the atmosphere?" on the comment card at Cayenne Bar and Grill. The choices available are "Excellent," "Good," "Average," and "Poor." Setting grammatical concerns aside, these adjectives do not even approach adequacy in capturing the Cayenne environment. The riot of interior design—the shapes, the colors, the surfaces shiny and glowing and matte and swirly—is stunning. "Like" doesn't apply. The mind boggles; the eyeball reels.

Cayenne is lodged in the ground floor of the Silver Cloud on Broadway and Madison Street. (The unvarying response to this information is confusion, followed by "Oh, THAT place." No one's ever been there.) Cayenne has the feeling of replication, but the only other restaurant in its Pacific Northwest hotel chain is Jimmy's on First. Jimmy's carries out an "upscale-but-casual" mission in a more sedate manner right across from Safeco Field; the Y in the Jimmy's logo is a martini with an olive in it...

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The Cayenne space will be reborn in June. As a Jimmy's.