...her party manages to piss off the comic, the comic insults the women he thinks are heckling him, one of the women throws a glass of water at the comic, the comic grabs a pair of glasses off the head of one of the women, and the women leave. Three months later the lesbian files a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal in British Columbia and now the comic and the owner of the club are on trial. Not for assault—not for grabbing glasses and breaking them—but because the woman is upset about the supposed "injury to her dignity, feelings and self-respect." Three years later the case is coming to trial.

Remember when Michael Richards went off on an racist rant in a comedy club in Los Angeles? When Canada is compared to the USA it usually a bad/unflattering comparison for the USA. But in this instance I'm glad to say I live in a country where Richards couldn't be arrested or put on trial for being a jerk.

What's being done to this comic, Guy Earle, is appalling. I don't care how offensive to the dignity of this lesbian—or all lesbians everywhere—his routine was. No one should be put on trial and threatened with fines for telling jokes or ripping into hecklers, regardless of sexual orientation. And if a mostly-verbal altercation in a comedy club is enough to give you PTSD—as this woman claims—then you shouldn't be going to comedy clubs. You shouldn't be leaving your own house.