Slog tipper Jeff writes:

I just heard that Chez Gaudy closed their doors and I am devastated! Nowhere in Seattle have I had more fun than on their Tuesday night tapas night and once upon a time they had the only vegetarian meatball in Seattle. Don't get me started on the decadent desserts and fun layout of the restaurant. Any word on what happened? I think the Chez deserves an obituary.

No details are available at the moment, but sorry to tell you, Jeff, it's true. I was never a huge fan of the food (especially of the vegetarian meatball), but Chez Gaudy was a good place to drink, and this is sad for Capitol Hill for sure. If it's any consolation, Bleu Bistro—same owners, similar (if smaller) squirrelly layout and decor—is still open.

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UPDATE: boxofbirds observes (correctly):

...I think they also operate The Buck around the corner; great for drinks, and the pizza's not bad either.