Wilson's phone messages led to his arrest today on charges of threatening to kill Sen. Patty Murray and, as recounted in the charging documents, they're overflowing with violence, venom, misogyny, and—notable for a man from tiny Selah, Wash.—a deep disdain for Pike Street.

Here's one, allegedly left at 8 p.m. on April 4:

Oh, you were in Yakima last week. How come you didn't give a big speech to the people outside waiting to see you? Yeah, we were outside waiting for you, hopefully you would come out and explain to us how come this health-care bill that you railed on so highly is going to create the biggest drain in American history. It's going to cause so much pain and suffering. I would like to thank you so much, for robbing from me and putting on my children's plate the most ridiculous, underhanded, back-door lying, cheating, unconstitutional. You are fantastic. I want to thank you for the pain and suffering I am having. Fuck you, you fucking slut, you fucking cunt. I wish you the fucking pain I am going through. I wish it upon you. I hope that you had the worst fucking Easter of your entire fucking life. We are coming after you, bitch, taking you out of fucking office. We are going to remove you from doing any more damage to the people that you are supposed to represent, not rule. Fuck you cunt, you fucking Pike Street fucking slut.

Voice mail taken from the charging documents.