RICHMOND, Va. - Confederate History Month is coming back to Virginia for the first time in eight years, but while some people are happy, other say it sends the wrong message.
Alabama already designates April Confederate History Month and now Gov. McDonnell says he will reinstate the designation as a way to honor Virginia's history.

Bryan Helton says it's important to honor history. His family fought on both sides of the Civil War and his 23-year old son is a soldier. [...]

Helton grew up in Northern Virginia and now wants his six-year-old to know the commonwealth's role in the war.

"That's where we came from. That's who we are as Americans, no matter which side you're on," Helton said.

Update: Let the backtracking begin. After teh internets exploded with criticism:

RICHMOND, Va. — Gov. Bob McDonnell has conceded a "major omission" for not noting slavery in declaring April Confederate History Month in Virginia.

As part of his mea culpa, McDonnell inserted into the proclamation a paragraph condemning slavery as "evil and inhumane" and blaming it as the cause of the Civil War.

What a fucking cop out.