Engadget says that some guy named Chad has taught his Mac Mini to operate his home, and he has named it after a concept from the Iron Man movie:

JARVIS is always aware of Chad's location (thanks to Google Latitude) and can be controlled in the house via remote control or a wireless mic and the Mac's built-in speech recognition software; or via Twitter and text messages when away. Chad's friends each have their own keychain RFID tags. So does his dog. When his friends are in the house, JARVIS becomes less chatty and doesn't speak any personal information related to his finances or Facebook updates, for example. When the dog comes home JARVIS turns on the lights in the mutt's room.

Here's video introducing the concept:

It's kind of like a poor man's version of Bill Gates's house. Chad would eventually like to market and sell JARVIS. After the jump, you'll find video of JARVIS helping Chad cook some hot dogs on his George Foreman Grill. The thought of this guy at home alone in his track suit, having his computer George Foreman Grill him up some hot dogs while simultaneously telling him how his mutual funds are doing, makes me feel unspeakably sad.