Dream Girls strip club is all set for its grand opening on Monday, which is also opening day for the Seattle Mariners:

  • Peter Buck

To enjoy the schadenfreude of this photo, remember that the baseball team, um, mounted and blew several legal attempts to prevent the strip club from opening because it would have "adverse impacts repugnant to a family entertainment environment." The most ludicrous legal action, by far, was a pair of lawsuits filed the Mariners and Safeco Field that insisted the strip club must be banned because it was too close to "parks." Those "parks"? The pay-to-enter stadium, a padlocked parking lot, a sidewalk, and even an overpass. Really.

A reliable source says that, all along, the plan was to open the club by opening day, April 12, when the Mariners will play the Oakland A's. There's a press preview tomorrow, but the first day of business (a soft opening or a hard opening?) will be on Friday.

Another season with a prudish team of losers, here we come!