Charles Mudede breaks it down:

Blue Scholars, the leaders of a school of hiphop that emerged in 2005 and the reigning kings of the underground (they recently sold out two shows and added a third at the Showbox at the Market), have decided enough is enough—it's time to leave the futuristic planet rock and get back down to Earth on the third rock from the sun: "Cancel your plans to Uranus, you asshole/And come back to Earth where the rest of us work." Now, those are fighting words, and they are by no means ambiguous. Much in the way Gil Scot-Heron denounced NASA and the space race with his 1970 poem "Whitey on the Moon" ("I can't pay no doctor bill/But whitey's on the moon"), Geo is directly denouncing a school of rappers whose heads are in the stars. "Do you really want to ride/Shotgun in my spaceship/On this pimped-out journey through the sky... Hope you ain't afraid of heights... on this interplanetary flight," rap THEESatisfaction on Helladope's super funky (and super pleasurable) "Cosmic Voyage." These are the kind of journeys Blue Scholars want to cancel.

Read the whole thing—including how the Columbia Tower factors into all this—here.

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