SurveyUSA asked 500 people in the Seattle area this question: "The state's current plan to replace the Highway 520 bridge does not include light rail. Do you think the state's plan should move forward? Or do you think the project should be delayed so ways to add light rail to the bridge can be studied?"

Only 33 percent of respondents said we should begin with a plan that doesn't include light rail, and 55 percent said we should figure out a way to get light rail on the bridge.

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A breakdown of the poll shows that most respondents in all categories—both genders, all age groups, and all races—prefer light rail planning for the 520 bridge.

Mayor Mike McGinn issued a report yesterday that says the states plan, if it proceeds, would create "insurmountable" obstacles to ever building light rail on the bridge. His plan also lays out a way to make it happen. Meanwhile, the Seattle City Council and the governor have said construction needs to begin now.