There hasn't been a whole lot on Slog about Tuesday's court ruling on net neutrality, but you should definitely check out this Mercury News editorial on the subject:

The Federal Communications Commission must move swiftly to reclaim its authority after Tuesday's court ruling that it doesn't have the power to punish Comcast — or any other carrier — for limiting access to the Internet.

This may not be as difficult as some suggest. The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals ruling said the FCC did not have jurisdiction over broadband services, which it had claimed under Title I of the Communications Act. But the agency could reclassify broadband under a different section of the law, Title II, which is used to regulate telephone companies. That would probably be challenged as well, but experts say it's more likely to hold up in court.

Commissioner Michael Copps is advocating this approach: The FCC should "rely on the statute Congress gave us to stand on solid legal ground in safeguarding the benefits of the Internet for American consumers. We should straighten this broadband classification mess out before the first day of summer."

The sooner the better.

This shit is important. Read the article, please.