We have a lecture about "Rethinking the Purpose of Business," a lecture about Power Relationships, a group reading of Seattle University law student authors, a talk about women and money, a talk about women and running, a novel about finding love in Hollywood, and two other readings tonight.

There'll be a Suggests popping up soon about Hugh Raffles reading at Town Hall. Raffles is the author of Insectopedia, which is maybe the most readable book ever written about insects. I heartily suggest you check the book out. It goes to places you would never expect.

Art Thiel reads at Parkplace Books tonight, too. Thiel, who is a local sports writer, reads from The Great Book of Seattle Sports Lists. If you're a sports fan, this is the reading for you. If you're an everything-else fan, attend the Raffles reading.

The full readings calendar, including the next week or so, is here. And if you're planning on staying in and you're looking for personalized book recommendations, feel free to tell me the books you like and ask me what to read next over at Questionland.