Paul Constant Writes a Letter to the Catholic Church
"I demand that you excommunicate me immediately and that you send me confirmation as soon as possible that you have expunged me from the roster of the Catholic Church..."

Sidebar! How to Get Yourself Excommunicated without Leaving the House
"Explain why you don't want to be a member anymore in as much detail as possible..."

The Chihuly Museum Glasstroturf War: PR Lies, the Public Outcry, the Republican Connection, and More
"Profits from a Chihuly museum seem likely to be spent against Seattle's interests..."

Meanwhile, Bethany Jean Clement Eats Dinner at the Space Needle
"What they do to a pork chop at SkyCity ought to be punishable by law..."

David Schmader on How to Defeat Someone Made Furious by Last Week's 'How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands'
"Here are some tips on how to defend yourself against angry, easily startled, logic-ignoring, foaming-at-the-mouth pit bull lovers..."

Jen Graves Profiles the Artist John Grade
"Grade is not a cowboy or a mystic or a transcendentalist. He is not Henry David Thoreau or Jean-Jacques Rousseau or John Wayne—though he's a tiny bit of each..."

Brendan Kiley on August Wilson's Legacy
"It always drives me a little crazy to hear August Wilson described as a 'chronicler of the African-American experience.' Would you describe Tennessee Williams as a 'chronicler of the Southern-American experience' or Shakespeare as a 'chronicler of the Elizabethan experience'?"

Charles Mudede on Blue Scholars and Outer Space
"Blue Scholars recently issued a declaration rejecting Seattle hiphop's current fascination with all things outer space..."

Paul Constant on Corporate Euphemisms, Accusations of Bullying, and Other Tensions at Seattle Public Library
"The advisory committee isn't the only place where librarians feel silenced..."

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