Uwajimaya is full of wonderful things to eat and look at, but Lukeiscool wants to know what kinds of things are your very favorite to get there.

Some suggestions he's received so far:

"Cheap kale. It's my favorite vegetable, and at most grocery stores, it runs $1.99-2.99 for a bunch. Uwajimaya always has it at $.99 for off-season prices, and usually 2/.99 when it's in season."

"The frozen ramen at Uwajimaya is approximately 1,000 times better than dried grocery-store ramen. Just be sure to follow the directions (separate boiling water for the broth and the noodle-cooking) or it comes out weird."

"Mochi! Ice cream in rice paste. So weird and delicious! Or black sesame ice cream bars. Nothing is cooler than delicious black ice cream."

Tell Questionland about your favorite Uwajimaya treats!