Outside our office right now, there's an agitated group of people protesting police violence:

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They are carrying signs that say "Fuck the Police" and screaming about officers involved in alleged police brutality in Portland and Seattle. Kelly will have better pictures for everyone in just a bit.

But their propaganda is utterly repugnant. Protesters are handing out brochures that lead with a photo and story of their, uh, poster child: Christopher Monfort, the man who allegedly shot and killed Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton.

Their brochure says this:

On October 22, 2009, four Seattle police vehicles were mysteriously firebombed. A week later, on Halloween, two cops performing a traffic stop were ambushed, and one of them was shot to death. On November 7, police shot and arrested Christopher Monfort, a person of color studying law, accusing him of the firebombing and the ambush. His charges included first degree murder, and also two counts of attempted first degree murder—for setting fire to empty police cars, and for pulling a gun while attempting to evade arrest—as the state clearly tries to clear the way for the death penalty. Police say Monfort had weapons and explosives in his apartment.

At a pretrial arraignment, Monfort referred to the brutal beating of the teenager the previous year. He was calm and articulate, through his is now paralyzed from the waist down, and his face is also partially paralyzed, as a result of being shot during his arrest.

Monfort talked about police violence getting out of control in this country, and the media doing nothing to stop it. He referred to similar consolidations of power and violence under the regimes of Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler.

The praises crescendo at the end of the brochure:

It is no coincidence that sometimes people snap, and do whatever they can to fight back against the agents of this system. To win just a moment of justice, a moment of vengeance. They are the bravest of us, the most honest.

We don't want them to be forgotten, but we also don't want those who allow themselves to feel outrage at the cruelty of this system to always sacrifice themselves, alone. We recognize that there are millions of us who hate our bosses, who hate the police, who hate the politicians, and we're ready to fight back.

Just a moment ago, there was a scuffle, a protester was on the ground, police detained the person, the crowd chanted "Let him go" and "Shame on you," and the police made arrests. Two men and a woman were taken away by police. The men are Caucasian and wearing black.