Brendan Kiley on this surprising but successful Werner Herzog/David Lynch collaboration:

It's difficult to imagine Herzog and Lynch making a film together—they're both so strong, so distinct in their styles and interests, so excellent in entirely different ways. Lynch likes ghost stories and fantasies, Herzog likes facts and deeds; Lynch favors the ambient eeriness of West Coast suburbs and small towns, Herzog favors the thundering drama of inner cities and Peruvian rivers. Herzog makes dramas. Lynch makes dreams.

But both directors love a good mental breakdown, a story about a brain peeling off from the surface of the real world and growing in on itself. They have fused that mutual motif into a strong, unified collaboration about a wall-eyed young man (Michael Shannon) who goes crazy during a river-rafting trip to Peru, returns to San Diego, stars in a production of The Oresteia, and murders his mother.

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