The McGuire Apartments, a 25-story building at 2nd Avenue and Wall Street that was completed only nine years ago, must be vacated by the end of the year and demolished due to irreparable safety problems:

  • Nick Denny on Flickr
The building owner has informed officials at the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) of the extensive construction defects, which principally involve corrosion of post-tensioned cables and concrete material and reinforcement placement deficiencies. The post-tensioned cables are corroding because the ends of the cables were not properly protected with corrosion preventative paint, and the grout used to seal the cable ends and anchors was not the specified non-shrink grout and was defectively installed. As a result, water leaked into these areas and caused the cable ends to rust, and then corrode. In addition, reinforcement placement in the building's exterior frame is defective, resulting in cracking and spalling of concrete, as well as structural impairment.

Well shit.

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