Looking at the photos I posted from yesterday's Tea Party rally in Yakima, Slog commenter JoeJo asked: "Is that a magic-marker yarmulke on Patty Murray?"

Let's take a closer look. Here's an additional photo from yesterday, in which the poster in question can be seen straight-on with no shadows:

  • E.S.

Now, click here for a detail of the above image. Yes, looks like a yarmulke to me.

In related matters, here's what Brad Tidrick, 55, who owns an auto repair shop in Yakima, told me about Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler. Tidrick had just given a nearly identical speech to the entire rally, but I wasn't able to record it in time so I had him repeat it for me on video:

Does some of this apocalyptic talk—health care reform is the end of the world as we know it, Obama is Hitler, etc.—end up encouraging violent threats like the ones allegedly made against Sen. Murray by Charles Alan Wilson of nearby Selah, Washington? Here's what Tidrick had to say about that:

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Still to come: Yakima Tea Partiers talking about presidential assassinations and what the term "Pike Street whore" means to them.

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