Stock up on gum and beer now: State House finally passes the tax bill to close the $2.8 billion budget gap.

The only other candidate is Al Runte: Elections today in Sudan; incumbent president indicted for international war crimes in Darfur is likely to win since most opposition parties have withdrawn from the race.

Buddhist cops not nearly as non-violent as you'd think: Death toll in Thai "Red Shirt" protests up to 21.

Well, I guess there's no harm in him flying NOW: Body of Polish President flown back to Warsaw.

Humans 1, Snow 0: Solo hiker caught in Snoqualmie avalanche rescued thanks to cell phone and accurate description of location.

What, he forgot his co-pay? Three Italian medical workers arrested for plotting to kill Afghani provincial governor.

What's a Grecian urn? Greece offered $40 billion in loans by other European nations to stem its financial crisis.

Somehow I'm guessing this one isn't from an overdose after a night of hitting the clubs: Actress Dixie Carter dead at 70.

Stay classy, teachers: New Jersey teachers union makes joke about wanting Governor Christie to die in leaked internal memo.

Possible results are tsunamis and wikipedia lookups to see where the hell these are: 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Solomon Islands ; no damage or casualties reported so far.

In my day they just sent the librarian over to bust your kneecaps: Colorado judge fired after issuing arrest warrant for teen with one overdue DVD from the library.