This theory may have no legs or ground to stand on. It's just a theory in my head—nothing more or nothing less. I have no way (or time) to check/test it against reality. That being made clear, the theory is this: In the complex system of American social correspondences, one might be found between pit bull ownership and class position. It is very possible that the dog is more popular with those who have less or little economic power. In this way, we can see the ownership of the aggressive animal as, one, a form of compensation, or, two, a way of overpowering power—making the violent dog nice, cute, or pretty. Because the rich have economic power and prestige, they do not so much desire pit bulls but, instead, powerless animals (poodles) or simply being overpowered (the services of a dominatrix). Again, this is just a theory in my head and there's nothing more to it.