If you answered no, you are wrong. Every single person on earth is capable of doing something that will make other people agree that he or she deserves $300, and the Stranger Gong Show is a wonderful opportunity to share your unique gifts with the world.

The Gong Show goes down Saturday May 1 at the Crocodile, with talent sign-up beginning at 7 pm and the show beginning at 9 pm. Acts should run a minimum of 45 seconds and a maximum of four minutes, and require minimal tech. (We'll have a CD player/soundsystem, plus one mic and one amp.) Other than that, it's up to you. We're looking for stand-up comics, burlesque dancers, air bands, performance-art freaks, banjo jammers, cheer squads, human beatboxes, contortionists, tuba players, tap dancers, ventriloquists, "unplugged" rock acts, unhinged drag queens, speed-eaters, breakdancers, double-dutch troupes, and and AND. The winner of the Stranger Gong Show will receive $300 cash and a poop-ton of other great stuff.

(Or if you're more of the gawking type, just show up at the Croc on May 1 with $8 and ID, and wear your hollering pants.)

Among the delights of the 2010 Gong Show: a huge, state-of-the-art stage! (Come back, jump-rope squad—we finally have a ceiling high enough to accommodate you!) A humongous avalanche of prizes! Judges that can hold their liquor!

For full info (and to sign up in advance), go here.