At both Safeco and Wrigley. The weather prediction for Chicago's lakefront is partly cloudy, 50's: which means it will be in the 40's and rain. My seats are under the upper deck roof, though, so unless the wind is out of the northeast, my scorecard should stay dry.

Speaking of dry, Milton Bradley's batting .048, with a .200 OBP. That means nothing right now, since I don't think hitting stats matter until about a month into the season, when a guy will have 100 or so at-bats, maybe 115 or 120 plate appearances. 9 K's and only 4 walks show that the Umpires still hate on Milton, though.

In Chicago, Carlos Silva had a solid start (6 IP, 3 hits, one run, earned, 3 K, no walks) blown by a rookie bullpen. (Is that pitcher in cahoots with Slog commenter Slake who bet me a beer on Silva's total wins?) With three rookies currently in the bullpen, we can expect more such Piniella-agita-inducing games. In fact, we've had two leads blown and one tie given away by the 'pen. So it goes.

Meanwhile, my take on Carlos Zambrano's first start: Zambrano's ERA joins AARP.

Play ball!