Saturday, March 27, at approximately 1:00 a.m., three teenagers picking a fight ended up face down on the ground getting a lecture.

According to a Seattle police report, two women and a man were walking from Dick's in Wallingford on North 45th Street when three teenage boys “purposefully crossed the street” towards them. The boys “appeared to be intoxicated” and were taunting the women, “calling them bitches and other names.” The man attempted a display of protective male ownership and put his arms around the women, hoping it would convince the boys to back off. But "puffing out their chests” and pushing up against the man, the suspects challenged the man to a fight.

The police report continues that “without any provocation” one of the boys allegedly punched the man in the eye, “fracturing his orbital bone so severely, surgery will be needed to repair the injury." The other two boys also allegedly began punching the man. The report states that the women tried to intervene, but the boys fought them off, punching one woman in the jaw, and kicking the other in the leg.

Seeing the fight, a motorist pulled over and helped the victims pin the suspects to the ground, at which time, one of the women, a local teacher, took the opportunity to “lecture the suspects about their behavior," the police report says. Suddenly helpless and faced with authoritarian control, the boys lost their roosterish bravado and admitted to being 17-year-olds who attend Roosevelt High School.

The victims called 911 to report the crime but could not get an officer to respond, the report says. Later, in an interview with police, one of the victims said that she may go to the high school and speak with the suspects' principal about their behavior.